Wednesday, 3 October 2012

thing 15 - conferences and other events

Well, I have been to quite a few events and its part of my job to give papers, so this is not new to me.
In my experience it is a very brave thing to give a paper in front of people for the first time. But librarians are very nice people and usually you dont get any nasty questions :-) Actually, it is very rewarding and often, people will approach you after your talk and you get to know like-minded librarians.
At the moment I plan to go to the next German national conference in March as I havent been for a few years and I have to get myself updated. Also I´d love to go to next LILAC in April as this is a brilliant conference with lots of nice people. I am not sure If I get to go to both...
One thing I was wondering is how you manage to encourage speakers from other disciplines to give presentations at a library workshop/conference.
We had planned to organise a one-day event on transliteracy and invited speakers from the industry and the educational sector, but we didnt g
Well, enough for thing 15.
I promise to get better...

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